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Projects and Clients
On behalf of our clients and partners nationwide we combine global experience, technological competence, and a superlative creative aesthetic to:

1| extract the subject or service's unique proposition
2| identify an effective strategy with which to express the client's objective(s)
3| design media which clearly and powerfully reflects the refined message
4| tell a story in a visually compelling way

• • • •

Television networks that Cuyahoga Productions has contracted with for content creation.

Travel Channel |
Director of photography and camera operator for four seasons of BIZARRE FOODS with Andrew Zimmern. International.

Director of photography and camera operator for two seasons of SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO IT with Mike Rowe. United States.

Discovery Channel |
Camera operator, director of photography, stills photographer, and producer/shooter for seven seasons of DIRTY JOBS with Mike Rowe. Also INSIDE THE FBI, REALLY BIG THINGS, AMERICAN CHOPPER, SHIPWRECK MEN. International.

History Channel |
Camera operator, director of photography, stills photographer, and producer/shooter for BIG SHRIMPIN'. Alabama.

Sundance Channel |
Camera operator for MAN SHOPS GLOBE
. International.

National Geographic Channel |
Producer/shooter for WICKED TUNA (Massachusetts
) and NO MAN'S LAND (AZ, NM, TX).

Planet Green Channel |
Camera operator, director of photography for GREENSBURG. Kansas.

• • • •

Film projects that Cuyahoga Productions has contracted with for content creation and production management.

Mongolia Trek | Independent (2016) |
Producer/shooter. Adventure documentary short series following a trek into the Altai Tavn Bogd, Mongolia.

Kili Revealed | Independent (2015) |
Producer/shooter. Adventure documentary short series following an expedition to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Urban Shield: SWAT | Independent (2011)
Camera operator, director of photography. 48-hour multi-scenario SWAT team competition throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Alexander's Cliffhangers | Independent (2010)
Co-producer, co-director, stills photgrapher. Outreach for non-profit Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy agency documenting a mountaineering expedition on Mt. Shasta.

The Big Read | The National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) (three films, 2009)
Camera operator. Interview series with prominent American novelists. National production.

Movimiento | Independent (2006)
Producer, director, director of photography, editor. Travelogue for non-profit outreach throughout El Salvador.

Lifeline: Tibet | Independent (2005)
Producer, co-director, camera operator, editor. Travelogue for non-profit medical outreach in Tibet Autonomous Region and China.

Breached | Independent (2004)
Producer. Fictional short, US-Mexico co-production.

The Naked Ape | Independent (2003)
Producer. Feature length road movie shot from Los Angeles to St. Louis.

Slide Ranch: Where the Bay Area Gets Down to Earth | Independent (2001)
Co-director, editor. Exposé for non-profit in Marin County, California.

• • • •

Companies and organizations that Cuyahoga Productions has contracted with for media production, presentation design, or interactive environments

CNET | |
Producer, photographer, writer. Coverage of the protest movement and community response tp the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tusker Trail | |
Director, producer, DP, photographer. Photo essay and travelogue content for web and promotional use. International trekking and expedition clientele.

The Journeyman Project |
Producer, photogographer, writer. Ongoing photo essay and travelogue blog on The Tradesmen of 21st Century America. National.

mikeroweWORKS |
Director of photography, camera operator, photographer. Content for national grassroots and commercial projects for TV, print, and web. National.

The Democratic National Convention |
Event/press photography at the 2000 Democratic National Convention for the Blue Dog Coalition and for Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM). Los Angeles.

The Dennis Kucinich for President National Campaign |
Video/ENG coverage of national Democratic candidate debate, coverage of multiple speaker events throughout New Mexico, and design for the web and print on behalf of the national and local campaigns. Santa Fe, Albuquerque.

The State Bar of California |
Four-camera production, post production, and authoring of annual state bar trial symposium on DVD. Several hours of interactive footage, graphics, print and commentary as a continuing education tool for the attorney licensed in California. Currently in production. Los Angeles, San Francisco.

The National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) |
2nd unit documentary video production and direction for the Shakespeare in American Communities Project. The Shakespeare in American Communities is the largest theatrical tour of Shakespeare in our nation's history. The tour will bring professional productions of Shakespeare to more than 100 small and mid-sized communities in all 50 states and 16 military bases. Currently in production. Los Angeles, New Mexico.

The Telluride Film Festival |
“The Telluride Film Festival represents the rarest jewel in the crown of the festival-going experience. It is the most open, democratic and collegial of festivals, in addition to being one of the best programmed and run.” -Todd McCarthy, The Variety Guide to Film Festivals. Division of theater operations, management team of the Max, the largest venue at the festival. Telluride, Colorado.

Oracle, Monsanto, Pfizer, Pharmacia, Lily, Cadence - Audience Response Systems, Inc. |
Programming, design, and delivery of proprietary interactive polling system software and hardware. Integral component of nationally produced, cutting edge multimedia productions for audiences numbering in the hundreds to the thousands. Contractor with and representative for Audience Response Systems, Evansville, Indiana. Productions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas.

The American Heart Association |
Video production and replication of training presentations for the public as well as continuing medical education use for the healthcare professional. Los Angeles.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles |
Multimedia planning and production of interactive medical conferences and workshops in collaboration with USC and UCLA-affiliated physicians and staff, incorporating real-time interactivity between multiple venues and audiences, on behalf of physicians at the top of their specialties: Priya Jamidar, MD; Joel Matta, MD; Edgar Thomas, MD; others. Productions in Los Angeles, Palm Springs.

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